Series of collage Crossed Memory


N° 01 of the series of collage Crossed Memory, 2021, acrylic on cupboard, 50cm / 52cm

My current work explores memory and its distortion, drawing largely from photographic resources. Based on old family pictures, I confront my own interpretation of images, bringing together what I know about the people pictured, the things told to me about my family history, and what people seem to experience within the picture. From a single event can emerge hundreds of stories. A picture captures a moment and offers it at the mercy of the viewer’s imagination. With my painting I can extend this narrative. My work thus captures a picture of these changing perceptions – a complex accumulation, to which the viewer’s own perspective will later be added. Using some paintings in a series of collages I play with this multiplicity of perceptions: exploring reproductions of a single event through different minds.

Realisation: 2021

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