SAINET, an enterprise resource planning

2016 – Software - Website – Produced by SAI ERP

SAI ERP is an enterprise specialising in ERP software. I was hired to adapt a new design to make it more modern and responsive. The old version looked like an old Microsoft interface and it was used by among thousand people.


The software has different versions: for nurseries, lawyers and social sector. So the interface has several versions too. I had to create different color themes, icons and objects. It was interesting to think of design in a very functional way. Things have to be beautiful but also efficient and functional. Sometimes, it’s a real challenge to create a design with several navigation elements and accountability grids. It’s like finding the glamour in mathematics, not so obvious!


I was also in charge of the new website (design, code, wordpress integration).

MAM, an application for future homeowner

2016 – App – work in progress

This project is still in progress so I can’t share too much about it. It’s an application for future homeowners for which I created a logo and visual identity for the website and app. So I’m allowed to show you the visual layout of the dashboard where you can access the different functions of the app. I wanted to create a simple interface with shortcuts to the different pages so that the user can have a clear vision of the app’s options and can quickly choose what to do.


Bebsi, a platform to connect parents and nurseries

2017 - Website - Produced by SAI ERP - launching is planned in a few months

This project was produced by SAI ERP, I was in charge of thinking the ergonomic, designing the interface and coding the visual part. Bebsi is a platform to connect parents and nurseries in Switzerland. The concept is simple: It allows parents to research all the nurseries in their area. Users create an account with information on the child or children that they want to enroll and can send it directly to the nurseries on the platform. Nurseries have their own pages to present information on their services and employees.

For this project the challenge was to think of all the steps, situations, and the different types of interfaces for parents and nurseries. Taking the time to storyboard and think about all possible cases was an important part of the job.


The most enjoyable part of this work was the design because there was no visual identity, so I was free to start everything from scratch, including the logo.


For the logo I used a map marker and I mixed it with a monkey face. For the rest of the website, I choose to make illustrations representing parents and professionals in a children’s universe. This project was a challenge for ergonomics issues. Creating a website with a childhood theme was refreshing and funny. Adding monkey images to a website interface probably isn’t that common, so I enjoyed it!