Series of four paintings: By The River


Series of four paintings: By The River, 2021, acrylic on canvas, 150 cm / 100cm

In my work, I address the fragility of memory. When we remember an event by trying to reconstruct the original action, we make a new memory. In this sense, we build a new version of the story every time we remember, influenced by our emotions and present life.

This approach is typified by my recent series, By The River. Here I explore this idea by painting the same subject several times with a gap of weeks between realisations. Using diluted acrylic, I am able to harness the medium’s unpredictability and transparency to evoke a theme. When pouring, the paint assumes its own life on the canvas. In this way, I am able to use multiple layers to express the complexity of the memory. Moving between the different paintings, the distortion is tangible. The end result questions the veracity of memories and the liability of the mind.

Realisation: 2021

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